Business Litigation

Business Litigation Lawyers

All business conflicts, whether a contractual dispute or a regulatory matter, can put a company’s financial foundation and reputation in the community at-risk.  The representation of a business interest must take into account the nature of the dispute and the impact of the litigation.  Key to that representation is an attorney’s knowledge of the industry and a dedication to the best interests of the business, hallmarks of an attorney from Matiasic Roth & Johnson LLP.

Our trial attorneys have extensive experience in commercial fraud, director and officer liability, restaurant industry, non-profit and religious organizations, agricultural litigation, professional liability, real estate and property disputes, breach of contract and extra-contractual disputes, insurance disputes, unfair trade practices, and unfair competition.  Our attorneys provide representation that is responsive to our client’s needs, aware of the potential consequences, and a robust advocacy aimed at the successful resolution of the conflict.


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