Malpractice Litigation

Malpractice Lawyers

When a professional is retained to perform a service, whether it be a doctor or other hetitleh care professional, a lawyer, accountant, an engineer, architect, insurance agent, or a real estate agent, they must apply a degree of knowledge, care, and skill of which is at least the same as their peers in the same field and community. 

Our attorneys have the experience in malpractice claims involving:

  -   Medical Professionals
-   Attorneys
-   Engineers, Architects, and Contractors
-   Insurance Agents\Brokers
-   Accountants
-   Real Estate Agents\Brokers
-   Issuance of Patents

Have you been injured by the services of a professional? Did that professional fail to do what he/she was retained to do, or what was required under the circumstances? If so, you may be able to assert a professional liability claim to recover compensation for your injuries.

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