Products Liablity

Products Liablity Lawyers

Every year, hundreds of products are recalled due to a defect.  These defects often result in significant injury and even death.  Our attorneys have extensive experience in handling product liability claims involving: defective automobiles, including roll-overs, fires, brake failures, and engine malfunctions; industrial machinery; construction, mechanical, and electrical equipment; food products; firearms; home appliances; and medical devices.

The law provides protection to consumers who are injured as the result of the use of a product.  However, in order to recover for injuries caused by the use of a product, it must be established as defective.  There are three major categories in product liability claims to establish that a product was defective.  They are:


(1) Design defects: products that were designed in such a way that they present a foreseeable risk of harm, which could have been reduced or eliminated by using a different design;

(2) Manufacturing/production defects: products that were manufactured improperly or below industry standards, despite having been designed with all due care; and

(3) Defective warning/instructions: products that are defective because a foreseeable risk of harm is created through a lack of adequate warnings or instructions

By simply using a product and it resulting in an injury does not mean it was defective. Our firm has the resources and capability to establish that a product causing injury was defective. If you have been injured as a result of a defective product, we have the experience and resources to help you obtain compensation for your injuries

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